Make Your Move

Together we are stronger! #ACIMakeYourMove

What is Make Your Move? It is a concept for ACI Network local action. As an ACI Network member, you can start your own campaign and ask others to join. Through your campaign you are supporting the UNICEF Global Education Program and giving children the opportunity to learn.

Empower Change Through Action

The heart of “Make Your Move” lies in the idea that individuals have the power to initiate change. It encourages participants to take on leadership roles, design their own campaigns, and lead by example. This concept recognizes that grassroots initiatives can have a significant impact on addressing global challenges.

Donations from ACI Make Your Move events support UNICEF’s Global Education Program and can offer thousands of children around the world: an equitable access to quality education, improved learning outcomes, and skills development for knowledge and skills to face an ever-changing world.

Start Your Campaign

Run a one-off fundraiser, event or online collection on your own or with your own team.


If you are interested in organizing your own campaign,  contact Carla at carla.kruse@perilliset.fi to receive more information.

Examples of different campaigns:

Birthday celebration

Ask for a gift with concrete impact

Retirement occasion

Retire with style and generosity

Sporting event

Running a marathon, biking competition, yoga etc.

Get creative

Any other event that you want to champion!